Ask Five Whys | (646) 355-1358

Ask Five Whys is a new podcast from Mitch Turck, arriving this summer.

The format is quite simple: we take opinions and beliefs dearly held by our esteemed guests, and we ask them, “why?”

Then, we keep asking why. We do it until we’ve beaten all conviction out of them. Ask Five Whys is the quest to question causation. Please come along for the ride.

Want to participate in Ask Five Whys while we ramp up? Text any belief you want to challenge to 646-355-1358, and see where the conversation goes. If it’s interesting, we’ll post it on our Twitter feed (anonymously, of course). If it’s really interesting, we might make you a guest on an upcoming podcast episode. If it’s not interesting at all, you owe us money. So, for your own sake, make sure it’s interesting.